And the winner is.....

  • 'Home for Bluebird' by Sarah Wedmaier

    I would like to see lots of birds have homes around Ipswich. I love their sounds and beautiful colours.

Submit an artwork and tell us how the artwork shows your vision for Ipswich. You could win a prize and have your artwork published in Council’s Corporate Plan and/or on Council’s website. The winning entries will also be exhibited at the Ipswich Art Gallery.

Your artwork can be a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture, or perhaps a digital image.

Council wants to know your views about the draft vision and themes, and what your desired outcomes for Ipswich are. Read more about the Corporate Plan and Community Vision by going to iFuture.

Entries will be judged on both the artwork and the description provided which links the artwork to Council’s proposed vision and corporate planning.

Entry to the competition is by digital submission. If your entry is a physical object (for example, a painting or sculpture), enter a photo or photos of your artwork. If we need to photograph the artwork for publication or to exhibit it as a winning entry, we will get in contact with you in the week of 16 November to organise this.

Entries need to be submitted by 13 November 2020.

There is a competition for adults and a separate competition for school students.

The children and youth competition has three prizes. Each winner will receive: $100 gift voucher to spend at the Ipswich Art Gallery shop, exhibition of their artwork at the Ipswich Art Gallery, publication of the artwork in the Corporate Plan and/or on the Council’s website (depending on the format of the artwork).

The terms and conditions for the competition can be found in the Document Library.

Children & Youth entries here