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Help shape the creative future of Ipswich!

Register your interest to join the Ipswich Arts Advisory Group - connecting the arts community with council.

We are seeking Expressions of Interest from leaders in the creative community of Ipswich to join the Ipswich Arts Advisory Group and advance the arts and creative economy in Ipswich.

The Ipswich region has a vibrant and active arts community. This group has been established in response to a need identified by the community.

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Eligibility to apply

1. You have a residential or business address within the Ipswich Local Government Area

2. You have an association with and understanding of, the arts and/or the creative economy of Ipswich Local Government Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

EOIs will be processed in two stages:

1. The assessors will score each question and the professional bio between one (1) to four (4). One (1) being the lowest score and four (4) the highest. This score is based on respondents’ answers meeting the following criteria: realistic, strategic and visionary.

2. The applications will be reviewed through a lens of equity, representation, and diversity of age, gender, experience, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, residential or business location, range of contemporary and traditional arts and cultural practice and First Nations peoples.

The selection of Ipswich Arts Advisory Group will be done by a panel comprising of two (2) external assessors, two (2) Councillors and/or two (2) council officers. This selection process will repeat every two (2) years.

All members will be eligible to re-apply for appointment, however continuous membership for longer than four years (4) will not be considered. Priority will also be given to new applicants after the initial two (2) year membership period.

There will be 12 members of the IAAG

  • 7 Community Members
  • 3 Elected Council Representatives
  • 2 Council Staff from Community Cultural and Economic Development Branch (administrative role only.

Only the 7 Community Members have voting rights.

The IAAG is scheduled to meet on a quarterly basis ( approximately every 3 months)

All IAAG memberships are for two years. You can re-apply for a second two year term. Maximum period for membership is four consecutive years.

The Chair and Secretary roles will be elected by the 7 community members of the group as they are the only members with voting rights.


Ipswich City Council respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners as custodians of the land and waters we share. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging, as the keepers of the traditions, customs, cultures and stories of proud peoples.

Phone: (07) 3810 6666


Postal: PO Box 191, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia