In 2018 the Library Services Branch engaged an external consultant to review the Library strategy, producing the Ipswich Libraries Strategy 2019-2024 document. As part of the review, Ipswich City Council Community Research and Engagement team undertook community consultation. The Libraries Strategy Review – Focus Group and Community Engagement Report sought to identify community priorities regarding Library facilities and services. While this information has high value it no longer reflects the current operating environment of the Branch.

Since the report was finalised, Council has progressed significant infrastructure projects and undergone a whole of organisation restructure which has resulted in substantive changes to the Library’s operating model. Library Services have been combined with Council’s Customer Services function to offer Ipswich residents and visitors an integrated approach for delivery of customer services from multiple locations including libraries.

This new operating model will impact significantly on forward planning for library facilities and customer service across Council. The recommendations of the Ipswich Libraries Strategy 2019-2024 will need to be rescoped to reflect the updated structure. Council will progress to develop an integrated Libraries and Customer Services Strategy going forward.