Moderation Statement

Shape Your Ipswich is moderated by Ipswich City Council (Council) and Social Pinpoint. We moderate the site to create a productive and safe environment.

The site uses two moderation processes. Council will select the moderation process that best suits a particular project.


Post-moderation is where all submitted content on this site is immediately published. The content is then reviewed by our moderators to make sure it follows this Moderation Statement.

The user’s content will be rejected if Council or Social Pinpoint find the content goes against this Moderation Statement. The user may receive an email about their content. We reserve the right to remove any content that has been posted on this site.

In some cases, your published content may be taken down if the content is subsequently considered to be in breach of this Moderation Statement. If your content is rejected, you may receive an email from Council or Social Pinpoint.


Pre-moderation is where all content has been approved prior to publishing. Council will assess user content against this Moderation Statement and only publish material that is compliant with it. This process can mean user content may not immediately appear on the site.

Think positively about your participation. This is an opportunity for you to share your ideas and contribute to the project.

We encourage discussion and opinion sharing but offensive comments, material unrelated to the Shape Your Ipswich project and spam – ‘unsolicited commercial electronic messaging’ - will not be published.

Participation rules

We ask that when contributing your views, you ensure that you:

  • do not harass, abuse, threaten or discriminate against other users including Council representatives and employees
  • do not post items that are likely to offend others
  • do not use obscene, offensive or inappropriate language
  • do not post repeat comments continuously, including those with only slight variations
  • do not promote commercial interests, advertisements or endorsements
  • protect the personal privacy of your own and others by not posting personal information. This includes email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses

Failure to comply with this Moderation Statement may result in a user being barred from posting any material.

Participation guidelines

  • Contribute to constructive discussions and comments while respecting the views of other people
  • Only post content that is suitable for anyone (including young children) to view
  • Ensure you have received permission to post any images or intellectual property of third parties
  • Do not spam either by posting irrelevant websites or by re-posting your comment
  • Avoid rude and dismissive comments

Please read our Privacy Statement before using our site.