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Join us to shape the future of Ipswich

Ipswich City Council is looking for people from all walks of life to share their thoughts on topics that matter to them. When people come together to share their views and experiences, better decisions are made.

One way council engages with the community will be through the Community Panel. The panel will cover a broad range of topics where community can speak up to shape the future of Ipswich.

Read more about the community panel below and click join now to register.

Who can be on the Community Panel?

You don't need to have any special knowledge about Council to join, just an interest in sharing your views and being a voice for your community.

Anyone aged over 16 and who lives, works, studies, owns a business in Ipswich or is an Ipswich rate payer is invited to register.

We want the panel to be a forum that reflects the diversity of Ipswich. People from all walks of life and backgrounds are encouraged to register.

Please note, elected representatives from any level of government, paid employees of any political party and Ipswich City Council employees cannot join. This is about you, the community.

What will the Community Panel talk about?

The panel will discuss strategic issues and projects linked to council's corporate plan, iFuture. iFuture was developed in consultation with the community throughout 2019 and 2020, and reflects the community's aspirations for the city.

The panel will convene on projects as and when needed. So, before signing up and to avoid disappointment, make sure you understand what topics are coming up by viewing the upcoming engagement calendar for 2022 (see below).

Why should I get involved?

You'll have the opportunity to provide your local knowledge and contribute to a number of important decisions. Our elected representatives will consider your feedback when making final decisions.

You'll work with others to learn more about your local community and how council will work with you to make Ipswich the best it can be.

You can opt out of the panel at any time.

Please note, there will still be opportunities for community members not registered in the community panel program to participate in other engagement opportunities.

Upcoming engagement for 2022

  • Welcome Webinar

    Hosted by council's Community Engagement Team, this ZOOM webinar will officially welcome panel members, explain the new community panel program, what's coming up and answer any questions from the community about the program.

  • Cycle Planning and Infrastructure

    Share your thoughts on the Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network project, a key cycling infrastructure project in central Ipswich.

  • New Ipswich Planning Scheme

    Council's new planning scheme is currently being drafted. In this engagement panel members will learn about how the planning scheme works, what it means for your community, and how and when you can help shape the scheme.

  • Natural Environment Strategy

    Following the adoption of the Natural Environment Policy in 2021, council would like to continue it's conversation with the community about conserving, protecting, enhancing and restoring the city's natural environment. The strategy will take a deeper dive into how council and the community will achieve the seven focus areas of the policy.

  • Heritage Forum

    In November 2021, Council resolved to hold a Heritage Forum, acknowledging the unique heritage values of the city. The forum will be an opportunity for community to share their views and concerns regarding managing and protecting the city's unique heritage values.

What support does council provide for members?

Support will be provided to ensure that all panel members can participate. If you need information in another language, vision aids or any other support we will work with you to provide this. Please contact us via email, or phone, (07) 3810 6666 to discuss your specific requirements.

Submit an idea for discussion

If you have an idea for a panel discussion topic, submit your suggestion below. Council will consider the suitability of these ideas as they relate to Council's corporate plan, iFuture, resourcing and other scheduled projects.
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Ipswich City Council respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners as custodians of the land and waters we share. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging, as the keepers of the traditions, customs, cultures and stories of proud peoples.

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