A new vision for our city

Council has now adopted iFuture: Your vision, our journey, council’s plan. iFuture is council’s leading strategic plan. It will guide all decisions and actions that council undertakes over the next five years. It provides council with a 20-year vision for Ipswich as well as a five year roadmap. iFuture replaces Advance Ipswich and the corporate plan.

iFuture is built on what the community told council matters to them. It reflects how people want Ipswich to look and feel like by the year 2041. The project brought together the diverse voices of over 2000 people between August 2020 and February 2021.

The document library on the right of this page contains everything you need to know. This includes the iFuture plan, a detailed community engagement report and the decisions register.

Council is now operating under iFuture and will undertake regular check in's with community to ensure we are on track to achieving the vision for Ipswich. These check in's will be through community perception surveys or other surveys which provide data on the themes included in iFuture.

iFuture's themes

iFuture has been divided into four themes. Each theme includes a 20 year vision statement and our outcomes to achieve over the next five years, identified catalyst projects and key service areas that contribute to the achievement of the outcomes.

Theme 1 - Vibrant & Growing

In 2041 Ipswich has been Queensland’s fastest-growing city with South-East Queensland’s youngest population. We were well prepared for the growth while balancing positive social and environmental outcomes for our city. We are a city of centres, with activated places and spaces where we can enjoy creative pursuits and active recreation or relaxing time with our families or loved ones. We are connected by a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system. Our city has dedicated places for dining, and night-time entertainment. Our economy is thriving with businesses ranging from the bespoke and entrepreneurial to the international and established. We drive opportunities for prosperity and support businesses to meet consumer needs and deliver reliable and skilled jobs.

Our vibrant and growing outcomes for 2026

  • Our city’s design and development promote quality place making and liveability. Positive environmental, sustainable, inclusive, and cultural outcomes are sought. Our city is also well connected with active and public transport options.

  • Our city is active and healthy with a variety of activities, facilities and services on offer for all to take part.

  • Our strategic planning enables us to prepare and respond to the city’s rapid growth and expansion of infrastructure networks, and will be underpinned by an evidence based approach to determine community needs in meeting our growth.

  • Businesses and industry are supported with excellent customer service to start up, operate, grow and increase their resilience.

  • Ipswich is known as a sought after location for business, industry and visitors.

  • There is increased employment, and a variety of educational opportunities across the city, especially for young people.

  • Ipswich continues to be an affordable city to live in.

  • Our city centres are alive with dining and entertainment for people to engage in that’s open seven days a week and late at night.

Theme 2 - Safe, Inclusive & Creative

In 2041 we welcome, support, celebrate and include people from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities. We know that wherever we live, work or play we feel like we belong and we feel safe. It is easy to access the social and health services from a coordinated network that focuses on prevention and intervention where and when it’s needed. Our arts and culture scene is thriving and attracting locals and visitors to be a part of it.

Our safe, inclusive and creative outcomes for 2026

  • Our community feels safe.

  • Knowledge and learnings from our past are used to guide and be shared with future generations.

  • Our community lives together in harmony regardless of our backgrounds, cultures, abilities and religions.

  • Cultural landscapes, landmarks and practices are acknowledged, protected and respected.

  • Our historical buildings are conserved and enhanced.

  • The Ipswich brand is positive and inclusive.

  • Our community has access to the services they need particularly health and social services.

  • We are well prepared and ready to respond in times of emergencies and natural disasters and we are resilient in these times.

  • There are high levels of volunteering in the city.

  • We work alongside other agencies and groups in crime prevention and health promotion efforts for the community.

  • The community feels heard and engaged and we close the loop with our consultation.

  • We have a strong diverse arts scene for local and visiting artists that has created a strong creative economy.

Theme 3 - Natural & Sustainable

In 2041 We are proud of and enjoy our waterways, our bushland, our flora and fauna and our cultural landscapes. We are continuing our work towards a sustainable future that mitigates environmental impacts and adapts to a changing climate. We are known nationally for being clean, green and a city with a circular economy.

Our natural and sustainable outcomes for 2026

  • Ipswich is celebrated as a clean, green, circular economy city.

  • Our natural environment is interconnected across the city. It is managed to balance positive conservation and nature-based recreation outcomes including wildlife habitat protection.

  • Our waterway health is improved.

  • Our natural environment is managed to support the continuation of traditional cultural practices.

Theme 4 - A Trusted & Leading Organisation

In 2041 our community trusts the elected council and staff to make decisions that are transparent, accountable and are in the best interests of the current community and for generations to come. We are leaders in customer service, good governance, financial and risk management. The community and customer are at the centre of everything council does. We have an empowered, connected, resilient workforce and a culture that supports us to perform at our best.

Our outcomes for 2026 for a trusted and leading organisation

  • We are leaders in advocacy where we require support from Federal and State Governments. This includes city-shaping opportunities and needs such as major infrastructure, policy reform and services.

  • We provide outstanding customer service. We make it easier to interact with council online, through digital channels, in person and over the phone.

  • We are trusted by our community.

  • We are leaders in good governance.

  • We meet our State Government legislation, Local Law and compliance obligations and always strive to be leading practice.

  • We are transparent and evidence based in our planning, reporting and decision-making.

  • Our people, processes and technology are capable, efficient and integrated continuously improving and leading in practice.

  • We are financially sustainable.

  • Our people are valued, engaged, supported and empowered to deliver at their best.

  • Construction and maintenance of council’s assets are managed to meet the community’s needs and growth.

  • We support local businesses to be competitive in council procurement opportunities.

  • Our leaders at all levels of the organisation are capable, supported and are meeting expectations set out in our Leadership Charter.