With iFuture – council’s corporate plan and community vision - now in place, we want to better understand how you feel about living in Ipswich.

The survey covered various topics and included questions about community facilities, transport, community safety and council's performance. This survey conducted in 2021 has provided baseline data and further surveys and data will be collected to help see our progress over the years.

The survey was conducted here on Shape Your Ipswich and also as an ‘in-person’ telephone survey. Council engaged a third-party supplier, Market Facts, to conduct the telephone survey. See a summary of the community feedback below.

What you shared

The community was asked to provide feedback on Ipswich. A summary of the findings can be seen under each of of the themes below. Otherwise, see the detailed Community Engagement Report.

For updates on our progress so far on iFuture, see council's Annual Reports.

How you shared

Community engagement was undertaken between September 2021 and October 2021 and included:

  • Online engagement through Shape Your Ipswich
  • Telephone survey with 1,000 residents

Engagement activities online can be seen below.