We want to ensure our natural environment, agriculture and way of life are protected from invasive plants and animals. To do this, Council must have a Biosecurity Plan that informs the community on the General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO) and what species should be prioritised and why.

The current Ipswich Biosecurity Plan expires at the end of the year and a draft has been prepared that replaces the existing plan. The new plan will integrate into Ipswich's natural environment framework as provided by the Natural Environment Strategy 2023.

Thank you to everyone who shared feedback on the draft Ipswich Biosecurity Plan. Your input has now been collated.

What you shared

Engagement was undertaken between October and November 2023 and included:

  • one survey on Shape Your Ipswich
  • one landholder stakeholder meeting
  • two internal stakeholder meetings

The survey reviewed the Draft Ipswich Biosecurity Plan and explored our community's experiences and understanding of invasive species in Ipswich. A summary of the findings can be seen below. To view the full report of the engagement activities and outcomes click here.

The feedback shared has helped shape the final Ipswich Biosecurity Plan.

  • Draft Ipswich Biosecurity Plan

    70% agreed with the proposed key areas of the plan.

    21 additional plants and animals were submitted for consideration.

    Key concerns were:

    • needing greater community education
    • enforcement by council
    • whether the plan is attainable
  • Community knowledge

    There is very limited awareness of free programs available to help manage invasive species.

    The most used and valued programs were:

    • Habitat Gardens Partnership
    • Free Fire Ant Treatment Kit
    • 100+ Invasive weeds of Ipswich - A guide for landholders

  • Experience with invasive species

    88% have noticed pest plants and animals at their home, workplace or another location they frequently visit.

    84% have attempted to control pest plants and animals.

    Control methods used by community included:

    • physical removal
    • poison
    • educating others
    • reporting to council

How you shared

How do invasive species affect you?