In January 2022, community provided feedback on what they would like to see in the new playground. The draft concept design was then developed and open to the community for further comment. We have now reviewed your feedback on the design and finalised the detailed design with the help of your input.

Council received 56 responses. Your feedback highlighted the need to:

  • fully fence the new playground
  • provide opportunities for play for all ages and abilities
  • incorporate physically challenging climbing and obstacle play
  • include paths for scooters.

Beyond the design and construction of the new playground, which is funded in the current financial year budget, a range of comments were received from the community about additional features including:

  • a leash free dog area
  • basketball courts
  • a nature trail
  • water play.

These items are beyond the scope of this project and have been passed onto Council’s Open Space planners for future consideration in conjunction with Council’s Open Space planning guidelines and policies.

The playground design is inspired by the design of the iconic Queenslander houses that give Booval its character.

The playground itself is fully fenced and divided into four playrooms off a central pathway. The younger kids’ play area has a façade painted to look like a Queenslander house and features low scrambling blocks, doors and a slide passing through a window. The older kids’ area is more challenging and features a large climbing net with a high slide.

The design incorporates community feedback and includes:

  • pathways that are wheelchair accessible
  • a swing, carousel and musical play that provide play opportunities for people of all abilities
  • climbing net and obstacle course
  • wide paths that enable multiple uses such as young scooter riders
  • slides for both older and younger children.

The new playground would be located in the south west corner of Cameron Park, at the corner of Glebe Road and Easton Street.

Plan and character images

Artist impression 1

Artist impression 2

Is there anything in the proposed concept design you’d like to see changed and why?

Thanks for sharing your comments. We will now review your feedback and commence work on the detailed design.

9 August, 2022

OliviaVol says:

Is the bike path bitumen? The current deco path there now is great, can you consider deco and it's more of a 'balance bike' park?

6 August, 2022

Thomas Ockemfels says:

I’d rather this money and time spent on controlling the traffic along Brisbane Terrace as it’s out of control and makes driving unpleasant.

5 August, 2022

Nicole says:

parking, bbqs and bubblers. The school and vacation care often do outdoor education in the park so it needs to be teacher safe & friendly.

3 August, 2022

Miss R says:

Not a metal slide. Plastic allows for all weather play. Metal gets too hot even on a mild spring day.

3 August, 2022

kylie says:

a big fully fenced playground, with new bbqs ,toilets ,wheelchair access, car park and a water play area and dog fenced yard

3 August, 2022

Simi says:

can we get a rugby/soccer post so kids can practice their kicking n solar lights on grass area near gym please

3 August, 2022

C. says:

Is it even a park without a flying fox? Better parking & a water play area would be amazing. Also better (more secure) amenities.

3 August, 2022

Shynita sant says:

Toilet block that isn't on the other side more toddler friendly play area, fully fenced more bbq's bike track, Water play for toddlers

3 August, 2022

Dany says:

Car park for school

3 August, 2022

Kel18 says:

The park is used by lots of local children and visited weekly by a daycare. Consideration for toilets and water play would be welcomed.

2 August, 2022

Courtney says:

Opportunity is missed for a dog park to bring the community together

31 July, 2022

Coleboje says:

Move it to the opposite side across from Silkstone SS. Easily accessible toilets!!!!!!! Flying Fox.