Under the Springfield Infrastructure Plan, three parcels of land are dedicated to Council for community use.

  1. 7004 Lakes Entrance Drive Springfield (Lot 5003SP285008)
  2. 79 Sierra Drive, Spring Mountain (Lot 4007SP304382)
  3. 12 Mount Juillerat Drive, Augustine Heights (Lot 33SP283508)

These sites are currently vacant areas of land, have no built structures or other improvements and require a level of civil works.

Some community organisations have enquired about land in the Springfield area that may be available for development and provision of their services.

Council invited interested community organisations to register their interest to help identify possible options to activate the land for use by the wider community. Any activation of the land must deliver social and community impact.

This registration process will help in the evaluation of these requests and to identify the community use options available.

The registration of interest process is now closed and council will review the submissions.

Community use land locations

The below maps show the available locations of the community use land, with the specific areas highlighted in green. Each of the sites are currently vacant with no buildings or other improvements. The sites are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes.

A submission can be received from a community organisation or from a consortium of community organisations, who wish to use the land for singular or multiple community purposes.

All Registrations of Interests must contain the following information:

  • Name of the community organisation/s including contact details for at least two office bearers.
  • A copy of the community organisation’s Certificate of Incorporation
  • Detailed overview of the organisations purpose, vision and values
  • A summary of the proposed use of the land
  • Understanding and acknowledgement that the land parcels are currently vacant and will require capital investment by parties other than council
  • Understanding and acknowledgement that any and all lease preparation costs will be the responsibility of the applicant
  • Understanding and acknowledgement that individual/groups/organisations may need to obtain development approval prior to occupying the property/ies

Council is happy to provide feedback on your submission after conclusion of the Registration of Interest process.

This may be arranged by contacting Council's contact officer Melissa Dower on (07) 3810 6666 or community@ipswich.qld.gov.au.

Further details may be required from community organisations once Registrations of Interest have been received.

All submissions received by the closing time and date will be reviewed and considered.

Organisations will be contacted with further details on the next steps of the process and any future requirements.