A key action of the Draft Active Ipswich Strategy 2021 - 2031 is to develop an Aquatics Facilities Action Plan to guide the planning, delivery and promotion of quality facilities and programs.

In March and April 2021 we asked for community feedback about water sport and play needs across the city. Community feedback is now being considered as part of shaping the Aquatic Facilities Action Plan.

Option to construct a new 25m indoor heated pool at the Bundamba Swim Centre

Before finalising the plan, council is considering an option to construct a new pool at the Bundamba Swim Centre. This option is a 25m indoor heated pool with all abilities access, and sufficient heating to offer improved community program's such as children's learn to swim and rehabilitation classes.

This new pool option would not replace the existing 50m pool at the Bundamba Swim Centre.

The construction of the new pool relies on council securing funding.

Thank you for your feedback on this option. Over 80% of respondents supported the option of constructing a new pool which will help council to apply for the funding. Further updates to the community will be provided on this option and the Aquatic Facilities Action Plan as it is finalised.

How you can help

Ipswich City Council wants to know how our community use Council’s swim centres, swimming lagoon and water play grounds.

Your feedback has provided Council with information about your water sport or play needs. It will help identify priorities to inform decision-making by Council. Your feedback will contribute to a detailed Aquatic Facilities Action Plan.

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The information obtained from this consultation is completely confidential and will help inform the development of the Action Plan and will also be used to benchmark Council’s progress and, support and encourage participation in water activities in our region. In particular, it will help us understand how we can make these recreation activities more attractive, convenient and enjoyable for Ipswich’s residents and visitors.

Thank you for taking the time to help make Ipswich a more 'active' place.

Action Plan outcomes

Ipswich City Council wants to develop an Aquatic Facilities Action Plan to

  • Enable more effective planning of current and future aquatic facilities assets and services. This will provide higher quality and diverse aquatic facilities to the community.
  • Give an overview of the existing supply and distribution of aquatic facilities. This includes public and private facilities being available to the Ipswich community.
  • Understand the patterns of use of Ipswich’s existing aquatic facilities. This will show how these patterns might change in the future.
  • Estimate the anticipated demand for new aquatic facilities within Ipswich City over the next ten years.
  • Provide a clear direction on the types of aquatic facilities and the locations which will best cater for the future demand.
  • Develop a Desired Standard of Service. This would include desired provision standards, site selection considerations and design criteria consideration.

Outcomes will include

  • Identifying benchmarks for council owned aquatic facilities compared with other local government facilities.
  • Developing a Supply and Demand Analysis and Desired Standard of Service.
  • Giving recommendations on a regional aquatic network and the development of existing facilities to meet current and future needs.
  • Research industry and social trends affecting the provision of aquatic facilities
  • Assessment of existing Council owned aquatic facilities in regards to
    - catchments
    - attendance
    - asset provision and condition and
    - performance