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Ipswich City Council brought you Building Better Blocks and Neighbourhoods, a placemaking and city shaping thought leadership event with some practical hands-on experience in August 2022.

As part of their Australian tour Better Block showcased their innovative process to activate public spaces and bring people together. Supported by a strong line up of placemaking experts the event inspired and energised people to think outside the box.


  • Krista Nightengale

    Chief Executive of Better Block from Dallas, Texas will discuss how to employ a hands-on approach that sidesteps the lengthy process of city planning and implementation by putting the power back into the communities' hands.

  • Dean Cracknell

    Co-Founder and Executive Director of Town Team Movement, a Placemaking Enabler, Urbanist and Curator of the Placemaking.Education platform.

  • Brooke Williams

    Brooke is a is a highly experienced urban designer and placemaking advisor, having worked on urban renewal and place-based economic regeneration strategies throughout Queensland. Passionate about creating vibrant cities with proud and connected communities, Brooke also has the knowledge, experience and business know-how to make it happen.

  • Steven Burgess

    Steven is a change agent for villages, towns and cities. He brings 30+ years’ experience as a transport engineer and urban strategist to reform the balance between car space and economic space in towns and cities all over the world.


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