First Street Patio arrives in Ipswich Central

After the success of Park(ing) Day held in Top of Town in September 2022, Council is undertaking a temporary project to test and trial a "Street patio" at different locations around Ipswich Central.

The benefits of a street patio are:

  • Creates wider footpaths to be used for seating, greenery, and other pedestrian-related activities.
  • Supports and encourages outdoor dining as a means of creating vibrant streetscapes and economic opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper.
  • Provides additional public open space in built-up inner-city areas
  • Promotes community activity.

The current location is now 162 Brisbane Street, outside Monte Lane.

Past locations:

  • 215 Brisbane Street - FourthChild Restaurant and Cafe (September - January)
  • 61 Limestone Street - Oikos Cafe (April - August)

We encourage the community to visit, linger and enjoy.