First Street Patio arrives in Ipswich Central

After the success of Park(ing) Day held in Top of Town in September 2022, Council is undertaking a temporary project to test and trial a "Street patio" at different locations around Ipswich Central.

The benefits of a street patio are:

  • Creates wider footpaths to be used for seating, greenery, and other pedestrian-related activities.
  • Supports and encourages outdoor dining as a means of creating vibrant streetscapes and economic opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper.
  • Provides additional public open space in built-up inner-city areas
  • Promotes community activity.

The first location was trialled at Limestone Street, Ipswich, outside Oikos Cafe between April and August, which was slightly longer than the original 3-month timeframe.

The extended timeframe supported events happening in Ipswich Central, including Eisteddfods at the Ipswich Civic Centre and SPARK at d'Arcy Doyle Place.

The current location is now 215 Brisbane Street, outside Fourthchild Cafe and Restaurant.

We encourage the community to visit, linger and enjoy.