With the revitalisation of Ipswich Central underway, Council is gathering information on speed limits in the area.

To encourage economic activity and an enhanced community experience, understanding the communities views on speed limits is important.

Reducing speed limits in high active transport user areas not only improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists, but it enables activities including:

  • Footpath dining
  • Footpath trading
  • Street performances

This project is part of the Vulnerable Road Users Program (VRUP) and the map in the document library outlines the study zone. The VRUP was introduced under the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland Action Plan for Walking 2019 - 2021.

We want to hear from you, please complete the activities below by Sunday 27 February 2022.

Your feedback will assist in determining future speed limits in Ipswich Central and what the next steps in the project are going to be.