To align with the Ipswich Central revitalisation project a review of the speed limits in the area was undertaken.

With the revitalisation of the area it is anticipated that more people and businesses will be using the streets and moving around the city centre. Reducing speed limits in high active transport user areas not only improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists, but it enables activities including:

  • Footpath dining
  • Footpath trading
  • Street performances

To facilitate this review Ipswich City Council was successful in obtaining a grant from the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to investigate the reduction of speed limits in the Ipswich Central precinct.

This speed limit review was also part of the Vulnerable Road Users Program (VRUP). The VRUP was introduced under the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland Action Plan for Walking 2019 - 2021.

What council did
  • collected traffic operations data
  • undertook speed limit reviews in accordance with Queensland regulations
  • collected feedback from the community
What is happening now

With safety in mind the Department of Transport and Main Roads will reduce speed limits to 40km/h on Brisbane, Limestone and East Streets. Following this council will also lower the speed limits to 40km/h on key council-controlled streets within the city centre.

The reduction is in line with the State’s commitment to help local governments deliver on safety and accessibility for vulnerable road users, which align with council’s plans and strategies such as the iGO City of Ipswich Transport Plan, our Active Transport Action Plan and our Road Safety Action Plan.

Reducing speed limits in the city centre will help improve the safety, liveability, accessibility and enjoyment of this area as well as promote quality placemaking – a key action of Council’s Corporate Plan, iFuture.

Ipswich Central 40km area map

The area highlighted in red will now be lowered to 40kms.

Ipswich Central 40km roads

Your Feedback

177 community members provided their feedback by sharing their level of support for a speed limit change and commenting on locations within the project area on an interactive map in February 2022.

Common themes shared were around traffic and congestion in Ipswich Central. While not everyone supported a speed limit change when considering the traffic operations data, speed limit review and safety concerns the decision to lower speed limit in Ipswich Central was made in partnership with the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Ipswich Central is continuing to grow with more people visiting to enjoy al fresco dining, shopping and events. The lower speed limit will help to create a safer city centre for pedestrians and all road users.