About the Project

The Resource Recovery Strategy and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan were presented to Council on 24 June 2021 and approved.

These documents set out the City’s waste management and resource recovery strategy for the next 10-year period.

Planning for waste management and resource recovery is important to Council and the whole community and we have valued your input throughout the development of the strategy and planning.

The strategy details a 4-pillar approach on how Council will deliver on the goals and objectives for waste management. The foundational four pillars of this strategy include:

  1. Expand the core collection service to include a Food Organic Garden Organics bin for all eligible Ipswich residents.
  2. Optimise the City’s co-mingled recycling service including re-introduction of glass as acceptable material within the yellow lid recycling bin.
  3. Provide a flexible ‘on demand’ large item kerbside collection service where valuable resources are recovered.
  4. Have fit-for-purpose waste and resource recovery infrastructure that meets the needs of a growing city

Working towards these pillars will help Ipswich progress to a circular economy by reducing waste and valuing resources and ensure our strategies are based on legislative requirements and best practice resource recovery.

You will hear more about the actions outlined in the implementation plan that will benefit our community by:

  • Reducing waste generation and landfill disposal
  • Increasing materials recovery and actively promoting a circular economy
  • Providing excellence in customer service
  • Continuously developing of our people, processes, infrastructure and technology

The document library contains the endorsed strategy and plan together with the reports outlining the feedback you shared with us.

What you told us

Your feedback from 2020 was incorporated into the updated Resource Recovery Strategy. Some of the key response data and actions are below.
  • Pillar 2 of the strategy focuses on actions to work towards reintroducing glass into the yellow lid bin in 2021/2022

  • Pillar 1 outlines rebranding the green waste bin as a Food Organics Garden Organics bin to capture and divert the 15,500 tonnes of compostable organics residents have been placing in the general waste bin for landfill.

  • Pillar 4 of the strategy includes a plan for a new recycling and refuse centre with a view to have the facility completed by 2024-2025

Next Steps

The strategy was adopted by Council in 2021