Council is continuing its conversation with the community about our plan for waste management and resource recovery.

In 2020 we engaged with the community about how we plan to manage the City's waste moving forward. The results of this engagement are located in the document library. At that time, the plan was called the Materials Recovery Plan. We have changed the name to the Resource Recovery Strategy as this reflects the direction of Ipswich towards a circular economy by reducing waste and valuing resources.

The proposed Resource Recovery Strategy is based on what the community told us, legislative requirements and best practice resource recovery.

Council is now sharing the draft Resource Recovery Strategy with the whole community. We would like to hear your thoughts about the strategy. Have we got the strategy right for the city of Ipswich? How can we improve the strategy?

How to have your say

There are two ways to have your final say:

  • Online - Complete the survey
  • In person (subject to COVID restrictions) - Council will be hosting a stall at the Ipswich Show from the 14th to 16th of May

Community consultation on the draft Resource Recovery Strategy will close on 17 May 2021. After this, the strategy will be finalised and adopted on 1 July 2021.

What you told us

Your feedback from 2020 was incorporated into the updated Resource Recovery Strategy. Some of the key response data and actions are below.

Pillar 2 of the strategy focuses on actions to work towards reintroducing glass into the yellow lid bin in 2021/2022

Pillar 1 outlines rebranding the green waste bin as a Food Organics Garden Organics bin to capture and divert the 15,500 tonnes of compostable organics residents have been placing in the general waste bin for landfill.

Pillar 4 of the strategy includes a plan for a new recycling and refuse centre with a view to have the facility completed by 2024-2025