In 2023, council accepted an invitation to participate in the Queensland Connects Program in a team made up of government representatives, academics and entrepreneurs from across Queensland. This team has been named ‘Team Connectivity’.

What is the goal of the program?

Team Connectivity is working towards building a model and tool called ‘Connectivity Compass’ to help the community map its current level of connectivity, identify gaps and link them to existing programs and funding opportunities to fill those gaps.

While there are many programs that try to address stand-alone aspects of connectivity, unfortunately they are often addressed in silos, delivered as separate programs and disconnected from other aspects of connectivity. The ‘Connectivity Compass’ hopes to change this.

Under the Queensland Connects Program, Team Connectivity have funding to undertake stages 1-3 of the ‘Connectivity Compass’ project, which focuses largely on community engagement. This feedback will help inform the development of the ‘Connectivity Compass’ model and is the basis for future grant funding applications which is needed to build the tool and start implementing in the pilot locations.

What will happen if Team Connectivity don't receive future funding?

Without future funding, Team Connectivity will not be able to build or implement the tool. Feedback gained from community engagement will aid in building a case for future funding to build and roll out the tool.

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