The Redbank Plains Community Centre opened in May 2018, co-funded by Ipswich City Council and the Queensland State Government. The Community Centre is managed by Multicultural Australia Ltd. The centre is a place of social connection and support with many activities available for residents and visitors.

Over the past three years, we have asked for feedback to understand the needs of the Redbank Plains community, to support work being done by the Centre, and to assess the impact of the Centre in the Redbank Plains community.

Feedback has shown that the Centre has established itself as a place of social connection and support, is responsive to community needs and is valuable asset to the community.

Read the latest Study Report for more insight into what people said.

See what services the Centre offers here.

What you told us

An overview of what you told us at the 36 month study is below.

How we engaged with you

Key methods used to engage with the Redbank Plains community throughout the study are below.

568 community surveys completed over the study period.

The surveys included questions about:

  • key demographics
  • community strengths
  • community challenges
  • perceptions on safety and community cohesion
  • experiences of the Community Centre
  • engagement with the Community Centre during COVID-19 restrictions
  • perceptions on the impact of the Centre since it opened in the local community

A survey with representatives from 13 organisations was also completed during initial baseline study.

This survey included questions about:

  • gaps and strengths in the community
  • services they would like to offer
  • resources required

41 attendances at in person and online focus groups. The focus groups gathered feedback on:

  • survey findings
  • elaboration on key findings
  • key strengths and challenges
  • Centre programming and
  • the overall impact of the Centre since it opened in the local community

Multicultural Australia gathered data on the number of visitors to the Centre. 23,589 visitations at the Centre.

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