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Council made a decision on 9 December 2021 to de-name Paul Pisasale Bridge and Pisasale Drive. Following this, a majority of property owners along Pisasale Drive also endorsed de-naming Pisasale Drive.

The call for name suggestions for the Bridge and Drive was open to the community from 22 January and the 11 March 2022. During this time:

  • 3,475 suggestions and comments were received through Shape Your Ipswich, social media, emails and calls. All suggestions received via Shape Your Ipswich can be viewed by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.
  • 1,154 of these suggestions met the eligibility criteria in the Naming Procedure.
  • 113 suggestions received did not specify a particular thing or person. This included suggestions like: “change it to anything’ (31), name it after a local (non-sports) hero, founding resident or historical name (49) and “not named after people” (28).

Following this first round of engagement, we now invite the community to rank the top five (5) most popular suggestions received for Pisasale Drive and Pisasale Bridge.

The second round of engagement is now closed and your suggestions are currently being reviewed. Follow this page to hear about the results.

Naming Procedure Eligibility

There were many suggestions (2,321) that did not meet the criteria outlined in the Naming Procedure. The majority of these suggestions are not permitted as names, as they referred to “Estate names, business names, product names, religious names or themes, political names or themes, developer, consultant and Council staff or Councillor’s names are not acceptable” (Item 1.4.11 ICC Naming Procedure).

Even though these suggestions contravene the Naming Procedure, all responses and comments will be reported to Council. A detailed community engagement report will be made available on this page after the final decision is made by Council.

Top 5 suggestions - Paul Pisasale Bridge

Top 5 suggestions - Pisasale Drive

Help us understand your preferences

This forum is for any comments to support why you think a suggestion is the best name for the Bridge or Drive. Submissions are now closed and are currently being reviewed.