Ripley Valley is one of the largest urban growth areas in Australia. Council will be upgrading Ripley Road and Fischer Road in a staged approach to support this growing community. These upgrades aim to:

  • Support population growth through increased capacity
  • Improve road safety for all users
  • Improve traffic flow to minimise congestion
  • Support future public and active transport needs

This strategic road upgrade project has been split up geographically. In addition, some tasks are required to be completed well before the community will see any construction activities on the ground. These tasks are generally described as “Concept Design”, “Preliminary Design” and “Detailed Design” phases of the project. Once these are completed, the “Construction” phase can begin.

As part of this project, we reached out to the community to understand what is important to you as we upgrade Ripley Road and Fischer Road. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. A summary of the responses can be seen below.

For more information on the phases involved in a strategic road project, please see the FAQs section.

What you shared

Clear themes were identified through community engagement so far, helping council understand how these road upgrades will best suit the needs of our growing community. A summary of the findings can be seen below.

Key themes

How you shared

Community engagement was undertaken between January and February 2024 through a community survey on Shape Your Ipswich.

The survey used for the engagement can be seen below.

Your impact so far

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback. As we progress through this project, we will share how your comments have helped influence decisions made for the Ripley Road and Fischer Road Upgrades.

You said

We listened by re-opening comments on this page (see below). This will remain open throughout the project's lifespan. Comments submitted by the community will be reviewed on a regular basis to help inform decision making. We will also be keeping this page up to date with key project updates so you know what is happening and can share your thoughts on it.

For general enquiries, you can reach out to the Stakeholder Engagement Team at 3810 6666 or