Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the draft Sustainability Strategy for our city.

Your thoughts, ideas and feedback from 2019/2020 informed the framework for this Sustainability Strategy and in late 2021, general agreement on the framework was received from community. The framework has five 'Action Areas' that define sustainability for the city. They are:

Our goal is to be a 'Sustainable City'. Everyone has a part to play in achieving the goal.

The Sustainability Strategy details how we will increase our existing efforts and implement new actions to make Ipswich a more sustainable place to live as we continue to grow. It provides direction for how we will deliver, partner and advocate for effective sustainability outcomes.

Thanks to you, we have now finalised the Sustainability Strategy. The strategy was endorsed by Council in December 2021. We now start work on implementing the strategy in line with the actions under each of the five focus areas.

Over 155 comments were received on the strategy. These comments were provided online via Shape Your Ipswich and in person at local shopping centres and libraries.

What you have told us

See the feedback provided on Sustainability in Ipswich.