Ipswich City Council is committed to providing spaces that promote social inclusion, health and well-being benefits for our community. We are planning a new and improved skate facility and we would like to know your ideas before it is finalised.

Council has produced a general concept of the upgrade works including new pathways, shelters, seating and associated infrastructure to the new local hybrid facility.

What is a ‘local skate facility’?

Under Council’s Skate and BMX Strategy a local facility has a:

  • general user catchment of up to 2km from the facility
  • total skateable area of up to 750m2
  • includes between 5-9 obstacles
  • is for use by beginner-intermediate level users

We are seeking input on the overall design of the space and the skate obstacles and elements that should be included.

So let us know your idea! Your feedback will help us to deliver a better facility for Ipswich.

The Sutton Park Skate Facility Upgrade is a joint initiative of the Ipswich City Council and the Queensland Government.

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Have questions or want to provide further feedback on this project, contact us below:

Name Ipswich City Council - Infrastructure & Environment Branch
Phone 07 3810 6666
Email IED.Projects@ipswich.qld.gov.au