What's happening?

  • Council is considering the potential sale of the land and facility currently leased to Swifts Sports Club after considering the results of community consultation that will take place in coming weeks.
  • The potential sale relates to a small portion of land (and its facilities) known as Swifts Sports Club within Cameron Park (see map below). The remainder of Cameron Park will stay as parkland owned and managed by Council.
  • Council has procured an independent external community engagement organisation to conduct and deliver the community consultation on behalf of Council and Swifts. Make sure you follow this page (link above) to be kept in the loop on when and how consultation will occur.


Ipswich City Council has leased part of the area of 95A Brisbane Road at the top of Cameron Park to Swifts Sports Club (Swifts) for more than twenty (20) years so far, since 6 September 2001.

The lease that was entered into is very favourable to Swifts as a not-for-profit community sporting organisation providing a service to the community. The rent payable each year is significantly below market value and is $16,460.15 per annum. The lease was entered into by the Council in 2001, and amended in 2008, with two options for a ten (10) year extension able to be exercised by Swifts. Provided that Swifts are meeting their legal obligations in the lease, and paying rent and rates, Council is not legally able to break or end the lease to re-purpose the land that the Swifts Sports Club is built on. Council is therefore unable to use the land for other purposes for the next twenty (20) years.

The Swifts Sports Club is in need of significant rehabilitation and refurbishment. Rent income does not support the rehabilitation and refurbishment that is required. Council installed a new lift in recent years at significant cost. There is major work required that has been estimated, including by an expert company engaged by Council, at $4.425 million in the first year and a total of $5.226 million over the first ten years, with further yet again to come over the following ten years.

Swifts has renewed their expression of interest in the purchase of the property for a second time with a new Chairperson in place. Swifts is eager to significantly rehabilitate and refurbish the property at their cost to provide a contemporary Sports Club for the Ipswich community. With Swifts able to source funding for the rehabilitation of the property, this would enable Council to avoid these significant costs that would impact on Council’s overall asset maintenance program, enabling other important community assets to be maintained.

At the Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee meeting on 4 November 2021, it was resolved that Council could consider selling the land and facility to Swifts after considering the results of community consultation.

Council has procured an independent external community engagement organisation to conduct and deliver the community consultation on behalf of Council and Swifts. The proposed community consultation is in the process of being designed and will be delivered in the coming weeks. Once we have the details of the community consultation we will update this Shape Your Ipswich page with the dates and form of the consultation.

If you would like to be involved in the community consultation please follow this page (link above) and we will be sure to include you.

Once the community consultation has been completed, a report will be prepared and the matter of the potential sale of the property will be considered by the Council.

Previous community consultation

Swifts submitted an initial expression of interest to purchase the site in 2019. Some community consultation was carried out as part of this. At that time, the Interim Administrator requested further consultation be undertaken. In late 2020 Swifts withdrew their interest in proceeding with a purchase at that time.

In November 2021, Swifts submitted a second expression of interest to purchase the property. Council recommended that further community consultation be undertaken before making a decision on the sale. This consultation will be managed by an independent third-party consultant.

All relevant Council and Committee reports on the proposed sale can be located via the "Council minutes" links on this page. This Shape Your Ipswich page will also house information on the potential sale, and how and when to have your say.