Council is partnering with community to understand the effect of Urban Heat Islands (UHI) on communities. With Summer approaching, we are keen to hear your thoughts on the temperature in Ipswich.

The information you provide about the temperature in local areas within Ipswich will be considered in steps to reduce heat island effects through urban design and other methods.

We are using sensors to capture temperature and humidity data in three locations across Ipswich;

  • Bell Street, Ipswich CBD
  • Brisbane Street & Limestone Streets, Ipswich CBD (the Coles block)
  • Joy Chambers Circuit, Ripley

Tell us about your experience and thoughts regarding the temperature in Ipswich, specifically the above sensor locations, or another Ipswich location. Your feedback will help tell us how well the urban design of the area is meeting the need to alleviate heat.

Council is undertaking this research in partnership with Griffith University & University of Sunshine Coast.

An Urban Heat Island is an urban area that becomes significantly warmer than surrounding areas typically due to human activity that results from having less green cover and more hard surfaces which absorb, store and radiate heat.

We would like to gather the community's thoughts regarding heat and urban heat islands in connection with the architecture and urban design of an area (looks, uses, community life)

We hope to gain a better understanding of:

  • how the urban surrounds can contribute to increased or decreased temperatures
  • how the cultural setting might impact the future design of cooler areas for the community

Who's listening

This project has been approved by Griffith University human ethics committee as per:- DGU Ref No:2019/583.

Griffith University conducts research in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. If potential participants have any concerns or complaints about the ethical conduct of the research project they should contact the Manager, Research Ethics on 37354375 or