The Bell Street pedestrian overpass was constructed more than 30 years ago as part of the Ipswich City Square shopping centre. The overpass once safely connected pedestrians to business, health and transport hubs across Ipswich Central. We now have a shaded pedestrian crossing in Bell Street. This means we no longer need the overpass, and it is time for it to be removed.

On behalf of the State Government, Ipswich City Council is working to remove the overpass and fix the building exterior where the overpass connects. It is estimated this will take five months, dependent on weather and construction conditions.

As a locally significant project, the revitalisation of Bell Street will contribute to the transformation of Ipswich Central into a cultural hub for all residents and visitors. Council will continue to work with the State Government to progress the changing face of Bell Street.

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Removal of Bell Street Overpass

The below images were taken during the second weekend shutdown between 12-15 April 2024 that show the progress of the overpass being taken down.

Progress Updates