About the Project

The Children, Young People and Families Policy was approved by council on 27 August 2020.

Children, young people and families are central to Ipswich’s identity, growth and success. We share the community’s aspirations for a city where all children, young people and families:

  • feel valued and included and have an active role in their community.
  • grow up in a clean and healthy environment with a strong connection to nature.
  • are supported to live their best, healthy and active lives with access to good nutrition, healthy environments and physical activity opportunities.
  • have equal access to affordable activities, services, information and knowledge.
  • take part in and learn from a range of local cultural experiences.
  • have access to safe and inviting public places, spaces and community facilities.
  • have the choice to live, work, play and thrive in Ipswich.

This policy will guide council's contribution to a child, youth and family-friendly city.

Over 500 people of all ages provided feedback during the development of the policy. Feedback was captured by online and paper surveys, interviews at Children's Week events and other community events and key consultations with local educators and students.

A number of events during Children's Week 2020 acknowledged the launch of the Policy. These included Flick the Swich, a forum for young people to discuss multiple topics, and Ipswich Children's Voices, a child led panel discussion.

What you told us

Consultation Overview

Check out our timeline of consultation activities and summary of survey results from August 2019 to February 2020

Policy Implementation

Creating a child, youth and family-friendly Ipswich is a shared community responsibility. Council will influence this in three ways.
  • Manage

    Through actions that are the direct responsibility of council as the local government

  • Support

    Through support for other agencies and organisations to deliver strategies, services and programs

  • Advocate

    Through advocacy to other responsible agencies to deliver strategies, services and programs

How we will know when Ipswich is children, young people and family friendly