This event is being hosted by Ipswich City Council in partnership with Mission Australia, making children’s voices heard. This important event forms part of the launch of council’s new policy for Children, Young People and Families and celebrates Mission Australia’s Children’s Voice project delivered across the Ipswich to Inala region.

Children's Art Gallery

Children’s Voices – Stronger Schools is a part of Mission Australia’s Children’s Voices Innovation Project.

What children and young people say ,think and wish for is important.

We asked children from our participating schools to - Share their Voice Through Art!

They told us what a Strong, Connected, Inclusive, Healthy, Resilient and Thriving Community looks like through their amazing artwork.


Ipswich Children's Voices was webinar held on October 26, 2020. Questions were asked by primary school aged children to a panel of subject matter experts for discussion.

The video below has chapters marked to skip to specific parts of the morning's event.

Who's in the conversation


Goodna State School

Truth conquers


Leichhardt State School

Strength through understanding


Redbank Plains State School

Success through perseverance


Riverview State School

Caring, sharing, working together

Jenny Chaves

Children's Voices Facilitator - Mission Australia

What children have to say, think and wish is important. I am committed to ensuring that we listen and value their part in building a strong community.

Mayor Teresa Harding

Ipswich City Council

Ipswich Children's Voices is a great opportunity for children to have their say, and hear the perspectives of tomorrow’s leaders.

James Toomey

Mission Australia CEO

I’m looking forward to listening to their voices where we can put children at the centre of designing services with them, not just for them.

Apolina Balebanga

Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC)

This event is a great opportunity for IYAC to hear the children’s voices and help shape a suitable community from their perspective.

Maja Bogicevic

Leichhardt State School Principal

I am excited about the opportunity to hear our children’s voices and be part of the collaborative planning for a brighter future.

Diwangkuna Francis

Australians Together & Kambu Early Learning

I listen to babies and children everyday, they all have a story to share. We must really value what is being done or said and respect the moment!

Kieran James

Education Qld Partnership Facilitator

I am looking forward to participating where children are the focus, and children are playing an active role in making decision about their community.

Cr Jacob Madsen

Division 1 Ipswich City Council

I know the important role children play in our city’s identity and future. I want to hear what children in Ipswich think and what they feel they need.

Bek Pick

Collective Impact Facilitator Mission Australia

Looking forward to hearing from children, what is important for them, their community and for Ipswich and excited to support their voices being heard.

Meg Saunderson

Riverview State School Principal

As a resident of Ipswich I believe it is vital that children’s voices inform our community's direction.