Overall for the project, 125 participants provided 278 contributions on the project.

This feedback was received via Shape Your Ipswich, the online community panel forum, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What you think is important for council to consider along the Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network

These are the five items for consideration suggested by panel members via the online conversation forum.
These are the key items of consideration suggested by community members on Shape Your Ipswich and percentage of total responses.

Feedback on city wide cycle networks

These are some examples of comments from respondents about city wide cycle networks

"Bikeways (both inner-city & CBD) need consistent connectivity by way of a bicycle lane grid in their CBDs that is connected to as many inner and outer suburbs as much as possible as soon as possible. Having studied in Ipswich it too is in need of such a bikeway network, more off-road for safety the better."

"Open up active transport options in a safer manner, by reducing vehicle and cycle interaction by installing bike lane along rail corridor."

"Please separate road and bike path with an actual barrier if you go ahead. No one (other then the brave) uses the green bike lanes because it feels unsafe. Take a note with other countries more successful bike infrastructure."

"Looking at cycling as a transport option is usless if it is limited to 5km radius of the cbd. If you are serious consider all the various types of cycling and how each can be enhanced to make Ipswich more liable."