Cycling through Ipswich Central

Putting the right pedestrian and cycle facilities in place across Ipswich is an essential part of building liveable and sustainable communities. The first theme of iFuture, Vibrant and Growing, sets out council's commitment to providing a connected, safe, reliable and sustainable transport system.


Pedestrian and cycle facilities are incorporated into the design of new developments and major road upgrades. Ipswich Central and older, more established areas of Ipswich, have limited cycle facilities. Council is working to create a network of these facilities within 5km of Ipswich Central.

This is called the Ipswich Central Cycle Projects. It involves the delivery of key cycle projects to the north, south, east and west of Ipswich Central, including:

  • Brassall Bikeway
  • Deebing Creek Bikeway
  • Western Ipswich Link Bikeway
  • Eastern Ipswich Link Bikeway

It’s all part of council’s iGO Active Transport Action Plan - a plan to get more people walking, cycling, scootering and skateboarding to work, the shops, school and public transport. If we all do our bit, not only will the Ipswich community be healthier, our transport network will be under less strain, be more sustainable and it will contribute to the revitalisation of Ipswich Central.

Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network

The success of the project depends on how people can cycle to and through the Ipswich CBD to get where they want to go safely and efficiently. Council has completed a study of key streets against standard criteria. A preferred route was identified, called the "Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network" (see maps and document library). The next step will be designing the route in more detail.

Help us design the network

Your feedback on the Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network will now be considered as we progress towards detailed design.