The draft Ipswich Plan 2024 was shared with the community from 15 May to 16 July 2023. The draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) was shared with the community from 12 June to 25 July 2023.

Council received 506 submissions on the draft Ipswich Plan 2024 and 35 submissions on the draft LGIP.

Council has reviewed the submissions received and has prepared a public consultation report.

If you have lodged a submission on the draft Ipswich Plan 2024, draft LGIP or proposed ‘planning change’ (final Feasible Alternatives Assessment Report (FAAR)), you would have received a written notification in March 2024. The written notification will direct you to the Submissions Portal located below (click on 'Access the Submissions Portal'). Once you are in the Submissions Portal, you can access your personal response by using your unique reference number.

The draft Ipswich Plan 2024, including supporting mapping, has been amended in response to submissions received. The majority of the revisions made are related to clarification improvements, minor updates and minor corrections.

The revised draft Ipswich Plan 2024 has been sent to the State Government for final review. This plan will replace the current 2006 Ipswich Planning Scheme.

The Ipswich Plan 2024 will be in effect later in 2024, depending on State Government and final council approval.

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What does a planning scheme do?

Planning scheme's help shape our neighbourhoods, towns and cities. The new planning scheme aims to identify what areas to protect, what areas to build on, where we can set up businesses or go shopping, what services are needed for a thriving community, types of housing for people to live in and transport options to move around the city.

Planning scheme themes
The new planning scheme for Ipswich will set out the future vision for our council area over the next 20 years by considering the following themes.
  • Great places

    Create great places by strengthening our communities and protecting what we love about Ipswich - our lifestyle, our activity centres, and our rural areas.

  • Infrastructure

    Plan for the right Infrastructure to support our people, the economy and jobs, such as transport, open space, parks and community facilities.

  • Housing

    Facilitate housing choices for where and how we live.

  • Resilient communities

    Strengthen the resilience of our communities to the changing climate, natural hazards such as flood and bushfires and human-made constraints such as former mining and pipelines.

  • Open space and environment

    Conserve our natural environment, open and green spaces, natural resources and heritage.

  • Transport and movement

    Keep us connected through transport and movement.

  • Economy and employment

    Support the growth of our economic development and jobs.

  • Heritage and cultural values

    Protect the things we value, such as our heritage and cultural values.

How to Read the Planning Scheme

Click on the icons to read about the key parts of the draft planning scheme and how they might impact you.

Outline map of the Ipswich local government area

How to find the zoning and overlays affecting a property

Step 1 View the draft planning scheme online or contact us via the contact details at the bottom of this page to get a copy of the full document. Please note that this version of the draft plan may be revised following submissions from community and updates due to changed planning circumstances.
Step 2Navigate through the different parts of the scheme on the left-hand side search bar.
Step 3Do a search on a property address to get a ‘Property Report’. The report will illustrate the draft planning scheme zoning and overlays affecting a property. Once you have searched the address, click on "View Property Report (PDF) to download the report.

Searching a property and downloading a property report

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