Ipswich is currently one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and has consistently been one of the fastest in Queensland for decades.

It is important to make sure that as our city grows, the necessary trunk infrastructure is delivered where and when it is needed and achieves value for money for our community.

To make this happen, a new Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP 2024) has been prepared to form part of the proposed new planning scheme, Ipswich Plan 2024.

Public consultation on the draft LGIP 2024 was open from 12 June to 25 July 2023.

Council will now review and consider each submission received from the community and prepare a report on the consultation.

The LGIP may be revised as a result of items raised in submissions and changed circumstances such as drafting errors or new or changed planning circumstances or information.

Council will send the LGIP to the State government for its final review with a request to approve the LGIP as part of the Ipswich Plan 2024.

We anticipate that the Ipswich Plan 2024, including the LGIP, will be in effect in early 2024 depending on State government and Council approval.


What is the purpose of an LGIP?

  • Integrates infrastructure planning with land use planning identified in the Ipswich Plan 2024
  • Outlines the intended provision of trunk infrastructure for Ipswich
  • Enables council to estimate the cost of trunk infrastructure to assist long-term financial planning
  • Ensures that trunk infrastructure is planned and provided in an efficient and orderly manner
  • Provides a basis for the conditioning of trunk infrastructure through development

What infrastructure will be included in the LGIP 2024?

  • Transport

    Roads, intersections, bridges, pathways, and bus stops

  • Parks

    Public parks and sporting facilities

  • Land for community facilities

    Land to accommodate community assets including libraries and community centres

Read more about the Ipswich Plan 2024

A new planning scheme is being developed to guide what goes where in Ipswich. The draft LGIP 2024 will form part of the Ipswich Plan 2024.

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