About the Project

The Recreational Cycling and Walking Action Plan (RCWAP) is an outcome of the Active Ipswich Strategy 2031 (AIS2031).

Council developed the RCWAP as a commitment to increase participation in recreational cycling and walking to support health and wellbeing outcomes. As part of the action plan, residents will enjoy connected, sustainable and safe recreational cycling and walking networks, where locals can embrace walking and cycling as part of their active recreation or relaxation time with family and friends.

The action plan will provide information to assist with the identification of Council’s operational and capital projects.

The RCWAP was adopted by Council in February 2022.

Key Findings

The RCWAP is based upon what community told us matters to them. 627 contributions from community members were received between March and April 2021. Community members provided feedback through a survey (123 participants), marking a map of their recreational activities (456 contributions) and answering the question "What is the most important factor that would influence your decision to walk or cycle for recreation?" (50 contributions).

Next Steps

Now that the RCWAP has been adopted, Council will start delivering the plan.

Aim 1: Building a connected, sustainable, and safe recreational cycling and walking network


Aim 2: Planning and developing supportive cycling and walking communities and growing a positive cycling and walking culture