A key action of the Draft Active Ipswich Strategy 2021 - 2031 is to develop a Recreational Cycling and Walking Action Plan to guide the planning, delivery and promotion of quality facilities and programs for recreational walking and cycling in Ipswich.

Recreational and fitness walking can simply be an unorganised meander around a local park or trail for relaxation or a daily regimen of several kilometres that is undertaken for health benefits. Walking comprises all people using their feet solely to move, as well as those in wheelchairs and those pushing prams.

Cycling specifically includes those people using bicycles (both manual and electric) as a form of movement. Recreational cycling can be defined as riding a bike purely for entertainment or fitness purposes.

How you can help

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MARK THE MAP: Leave a comment on the map, sharing your experience of where you go to walk, run and/or cycle.

SURVEY: There are two sections in the following survey, the first focuses on your walking/running habits and the second on your cycling habits. The survey should take you around ten minutes to complete.

QUICK QUESTION: Leave a short comment about what would influence your decision to walk, run or cycle or give the 'thumbs up' to someone else's response.

The information obtained from this consultation is completely confidential and will help inform the development of the Action Plan and will also be used to benchmark Council’s progress on improving walking and cycling in our region. In particular, it will help us understand how we can make these recreation activities more attractive, convenient and enjoyable for Ipswich’s residents and visitors.

Thank you for taking the time to help make Ipswich a more 'active' place.

Mark the map

Here's the survey

Quick question

What is the most important factor that would influence your decision to walk or cycle for recreation?

5 April, 2021

Kiop72 says:

“Improved lighting, seperation from traffic. walkers/runners and cyclists, more paths to follow, especially to the city.”

5 April, 2021

NKM says:

“Feeling safe to go out alone any time of the day.”

5 April, 2021

James_Church says:

“Safety, lighting and smooth paths for walking. Cycling, having either separation from traffic or wider shoulder s to ride on.”

5 April, 2021

REC says:

“Feeling safe, so far in my adventures on footpath or trail I am yet to feel unsafe, whether going solo or in a group. Yay Ipswich!”

4 April, 2021

ChrisM says:

“cyclist safety on the roads. wider shoulders to allow traffic to pass cyclists safely.”

3 April, 2021

NealB says:

“Bro able to do itfrom home and and a detonation ”

1 April, 2021

jenjen says:

“To have someone else to walk with early in the morning”

1 April, 2021

Bike74 says:

“Remaining safe from traffic in Brisbane Rd from Bunamba to Amberley ”

31 March, 2021

joanne_flack says:

“Having more paths that connect up to each other and can give you access to the centre of ipswich without too many hills. ”

31 March, 2021

planedave says:

“whilst recreation is great, make cycling more accessible and safer for transport. makes for a healthier, greener population.”

31 March, 2021

planedave says:

“more safer connected paths and trails away from cars. There are a lot of bike tracks and trails that just go nowhere. ”

30 March, 2021

christina_horne says:

“Feeling safe by myself and at night”