About the Project

The Active Ipswich Strategy 2031 (branded ‘AIS2031’) is council’s commitment to improving health and wellbeing by creating a more active city. AIS2031 is council’s ten year (2021–2031) strategy to improve participation in, and increasing opportunities for, physical activity in Ipswich. This strategy provides council with clear and focussed strategic direction, meaningful goals and targeted actions for the planning, management and provision of open space land, infrastructure and recreational services and programs in response to the growth and demands of Ipswich and its community.

The development of this strategy has considered:

  • the community’s current and future participation and preferences in physical activity
  • how the community use and access public open space
  • barriers and motivation to participation
  • community health issues related to physical activity
  • how council is able to best respond to this range of issues.

In recognition of the importance of the AIS2031, this strategy has been identified as a ‘catalyst project’ in council’s Corporate Plan – iFuture. This represents council’s commitment to a stronger, more coordinated and strategic approach to ensure more targeted planning and investment occurs to make our city’s community places and green spaces maximise access and participation in physical activity.

Summary of findings

What the community told us

Next Steps

Ipswich Councils Active Ipswich Strategy

Four focus areas have been identified to channel and prioritise council’s efforts over the next 10 years. These four areas are identified as Elements and are as follows:

Focus Elements