We want to ensure that every Ipswich resident has the opportunity to take part in physical activity – whether it be through competitive sport, outdoor recreation, fitness classes, or the ability to actively travel to work or school.

We want to hear from you about your experiences with sport, recreation and physical activity in the City, and what could be done to help Ipswich become Australia’s most active city.

This feedback will help shape the development of Council’s Active Ipswich Strategy.This strategy will orientate and prioritise our work in providing the Ipswich community with sport, recreation and physical activity opportunities and facilities in the future.

Active Ipswich Strategy 2021 - 2031 survey

The survey has now closed and your feedback is being reviewed.

What would assist you to undertake more physical activity?

Share your ideas and examples here

24 March, 2020

JenniferPerry says:

“Upgraded equipment to replace exercise equipment in Limestone Park. ”

13 March, 2020

Longtermer says:

“More drink taps in parks, security cameras on bike tracks”

10 March, 2020

Mirt says:

“No dead end bike pathways, more brightly light footpaths for walking and jogging, Footpaths on both sides of the street, ”

9 March, 2020

Michelle2020 says:

“Footpaths with protection from traffic, fewer loose/stray dogs in the neighbourhood”

3 March, 2020

ricki19p says:

“Yoga, tai chi, Pilates, boxing”

2 March, 2020

urawan_hinds says:

“Stronger body”

25 February, 2020

Rozi says:

“Affordable indoor exercise or water sports and aerobics (arthritis). Safer designated, well connected bike paths away from traffic.”