About the Project

Council is looking to build and strengthen its community now and in the coming years. Council has already been working to support local business to better adapt and recover from the impacts to Covid-19. Now, Council would like to invite the broader community to discuss challenges, impacts and possibilities as the climate continues to change.

These are really important conversations to clearly define where Council can assist and advocate for recovery out of Covid-19. Ultimately, your input will also help shape a component of Council's Strengthening Ipswich Communities Plan (traditionally called a social infrastructure plan). This Plan will inform ways that Council can play a role in building stronger communities.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.


  • The challenge for Ipswich is to balance growth with socio-economic inequality. It is anticipated that the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 are likely to be long-term.

  • There is a digital divide within Ipswich. Covid-19 lockdowns highlight this.

  • Ipswich’s people are its wealth. Promoting as many job opportunities as possible is important to ensure good employment outcomes. Covid-19 saw job losses for casual workers and low-income earners.

  • Ipswich will continue to have a pipeline of a younger workforce.

  • Lifelong learning and narrowing the gap between training offered and changes in the job market will help ensure Ipswich has a flexible workforce.

  • Building community connections along with socio-economic opportunities will be important in building a strong community as Ipswich changes.

  • Underlying issues such as inadequate transport connectivity continue to be a reoccurring theme, not only in Ipswich, but across the West Moreton region.

  • A regional view on service advocacy may be required. Ipswich plays a strategic role as service hub in the West Moreton region.

What happens next?

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