Ipswich is one of the fastest growing populations in Queensland. Our population is set to double over the next 20 years. We want to prepare for this growth to ensure Ipswich remains a great place to live. To do this, we need the right mix of community facilities for our population now, and as it grows in the future. Community facilities are the physical spaces that communities use. These include community centres, art galleries, libraries, playgrounds and recreational facilities.

The Strengthening Ipswich Community Plan is council's 20-year plan for community facilities. Council plans and provides for a range of community facilities including libraries, recreational and play spaces, meeting rooms and cultural & arts spaces. However, many community facilities such as health and social services are not provided by council. These are often provided by other levels of Government and non-government organisations.

This is your opportunity to tell us how council can creatively plan for and prioritise the right mix of community facilities. We would like know how we can deliver a range of better located and accessible multi-use facilities. We welcome your feedback about what council facilities you currently use and what facilities community desires in the future.

Tell us what facilities you currently use by marking the map below (tab 1). You can also complete a short survey (tab 2), share your ideas by uploading a photo (tab 3) and complete the quick poll (side bar). This phase of engagement will close January 2022. There will be more opportunities to have your say on this project in 2022.

Your input will help shape our 20 year plan for community facilities, the Strengthening Ipswich Communities Plan.

Where do you go in Ipswich?

Which facilities do you currently use?

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