In June 2022, the Implementation Plan for the Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Directive was endorsed by Ipswich City Council. The Implementation Plan is based on the 10 Directive principles that will make changes that:

  • reduce all types of waste generation
  • increase resource recovery through education, collaboration and planning.

Policy Directive

To achieve better outcomes for our community, we will guide best practice among waste producers and operators by creating and implementing an Ipswich Waste Code of Practice in partnership with key stakeholders.

We will create and adopt a diverse range of policies and measures which we will use to: advocate for other levels of Government to deliver legislative reform, drive industry transformation, and guide Ipswich City Council to deliver best practice waste management services on behalf of our community.

We will use the full power of Council’s policy and legal instruments to drive performance improvements of waste management operations within our communities. We will monitor and enforce approval conditions with greater diligence and we will hold the State Government to account to take greater action on matters for which it is responsible.

We will advocate for and seek to ensure the orderly sequencing and proper remediation of mining voids and end-of-life sites across the Ipswich local government area, and seek for a range of alternate remediation options to be considered. Strategic sequencing will be based on infrastructure, topographical, environmental and social opportunities and constraints. We will proactively seek appropriate investment and funding to ensure community benefits are realised from site remediation.

We will actively discourage new waste industry developments in close proximity to residential areas where it is clear the development impacts will not be manageable onsite and will negatively detract from amenity. At the same time we will discourage residential encroachment in close proximity to areas designated for future industrial development.

We will lead and work collaboratively with all levels of government and SEQ Councils to transform the region’s management of waste streams from linear to a circular ‘recycle-reuse-remake’ solution to achieve an overall reduction of waste going to landfill in Ipswich.

We will investigate and progressively adopt relevant best practice waste collection and management solutions; and we will provide clear market signals and explicit benchmarks so best-practice commercial operators will invest in Ipswich with confidence.

We will seek to influence State and Commonwealth waste management policies and strategies and we will align our current and future waste management activities and attract funding so we can leverage industry development opportunities.

We will advocate for fair and equitable compensation, investment and benefits proportionate to the waste volumes processed in Ipswich from both industry and other levels of government.

Through policy intervention and industry collaboration we will ensure that all landfill and waste processing sites, once they are closed, do not leave a negative legacy impact on the city or our residents.

Projects of Interest