Upgrades progressing at Ipswich's Recycling and Refuse Centres

Riverview RRC

Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre (RRC) is undergoing upgrades to the green waste area during 2024. Normal operating hours will remain during works, however there will be some temporary changes to drop-off locations of green waste, untreated timber, concrete and dirt. Gatehouse staff, signage and an updated map at the site will provide information on these changes.

Works are due for completion mid-2024, thank you for your patience during this period. View the behind-the-scenes images below to see some of the work in progress.

Rosewood RRC

Rosewood Recycling and Refuse Centre (RRC) improvements and repairs have now completed. Structural engineering and construction work completed over the last few months have resulted in the 4 bin-bays now open for public use. Council would like to thank the community for their patience over this period. See the final look of Rosewood RRC's new 4 bin-bays through the images below.

Council has developed a Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan outlining why we are:
  • Upgrading our two existing Resource Recovery Centres (Riverview and Rosewood)
  • Building two more Council owned and managed Resource Recovery Centres in the rapidly growing Southern and Western regions.

You can read the full Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan here.

We have also created an 8 page Introduction to the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan. Read it here.

Council has received your input on how you use the current centres and what may improve your user experience when you visit. This feedback will be considered when the design of the new state-of-the-art facilities is undertaken.

Consultation for the Western Resource Recovery Centre was held from 17 July to 17 August 2023. Thank you for providing feedback on the site selection criteria and location. Learn more here.

Council approved the Southern facility on 24 August. Community consultation was held from 29 August to 5 November 2023. Thank you for your feedback on the design elements, learn more here.

Together we can recover more resources and reduce waste to landfill.

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Why do we need more Resource Recovery Centres?

To meet demand. The map below shows the projected 2031 Ipswich population. The car hotspots show current travel times to our two current Resource Recovery Centres (Riverview and Rosewood) which will only increase as our population grows. Both our current Centres are now over 30 years old and currently operating at over-capacity.


What is a Resource Recovery Centre?

A Resource Recovery Centre is a facility where households can bring selected materials and household items for recycling and reuse. These centres can also be called drop-off facilities.

What are our current facilities?

Our current refuse and recycling centres do offer drop off facilities for recycling and reuse, but the major areas of the site are for items which get sent to landfill. This means there is not as much sorting of waste items and it is harder to recover the items which can be recycled or turned into another resource.

What is the difference?

Resource Recovery Centre

  • Has separate areas for domestic materials dropped off by residents which can be recovered or recycled
  • Drop off areas are available for items such as white-goods, e-waste, hard plastics, organics and more
  • Recovered materials can be used to make new products rather than going to landfill
  • Materials are sorted and recycled first and only go to landfill as a last resort
  • No long-term storage of waste

What we have now

  • Larger area allocated for landfill
  • Smaller areas for domestic materials dropped off by residents which can be recovered or recycled

What can you recycle at a recovery centre?

See what items can be recycled and what new products our waste may turn in to.


Where can Resource Recovery Centres be located?

Building new Resource Recovery Centres is a lengthy and involved process requiring expertise in planning, the environment, technical factors and finance.

What makes a viable site for this type of infrastructure?

What site criteria must be met?

How are potential site locations ranked?

CLICK HERE to find out more about what must be considered when determining where Resource Recovery Centres can be located.