Southern Resource Recovery Centre and Animal Management Facility Approved

The Resource Recovery Centre will incorporate cutting-edge technology and efficient workflows to reduce wait times, enabling customers to dispose of waste responsibly and promptly. Community consultation is now closed however more information can still be found on the proposed design.

Every Ipswich household generates over 1000kg waste per year

We manage this waste in multiple ways, recovering as much as we can (with landfill as a last resort).

The different ways we manage and recover household waste in Ipswich

Our Resource Recovery Strategy

Providing our community with great household waste management and resource recovery services is very important as our city continues to grow and change rapidly.

Ipswich residents disposed over 130,000 tonnes of waste last year and recovered only 25%. Unfortunately, a much larger percentage of this waste could have been recycled and returned as valuable resources reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Having the right waste management in place:

  • ensures you get the services you need at the right price
  • means valuable resources are recovered instead of being sent to landfill at an ever-increasing cost to the Ipswich community
  • means the city is more prosperous with more jobs
  • the future of our city and environment is protected

The Resource Recovery Strategy outlines our plan to do this.

Council commenced community consultation in 2019-2020 and adopted the strategy in June 2021 around 4 key pillars.

Together we can work towards our vision of a more sustainable and liveable city.

Follow this page and ask Anna your questions about resource recovery in Ipswich. Come on the recovery journey with us!

How we will work together in resource recovery

Working towards a more sustainable city includes recovering more items from our waste and reducing waste going to landfill. These are the key projects within the Resource Recovery Strategy.


Project News

Project News

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